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11 days ago

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🌿There more than 80 different Cannabinoids in Hemp. And #CBD has the widest range of healing properties respectively the largest spectrum in applications for different kind of issues and diseases. 💉
So how does CBD work in the human body and why organic hemp oil is so beneficial for the health?👫
Cannabinoids are transformation products what we have discovered so far only in cannabis. Hence the name. But further on we recognized that they does not exist exclusively as Cannabinoids in Hemp. Now the real exciting part. After we discovered those Cannabinoids and began them to study, we recognized that in the human body are receptors for the Cannabinoids and so we discover a part of our nervous system and named it Endocannabinoid system, because of Cannabis. 🌱
This was astounding for the medical community, because of the fact, that there are receptors in the human body exclusively for this kind of chemical compounds (Cannabinoids). So they came to the point, that if there are those receptors without consuming cannabis, there must be as well endogenous cannabinoids. ⚛️
Cannabinoids work on cannabinoid receptors on cells that repress neurotransmitter release in the brain. And here we found the origin of its healing properties. It may bring chemical, neurological and physical balance back. Cannabis is the equivalent respectively the footprint of a part of us in plant form.🍃


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